The ultra-lightweight FLOAT X EVOL's infinitely adjustable, dual stage air spring, dual speed compression adjuster, wide range rebound adjuster, and velocity sensitive damping control gives you great front end traction and steering performance. On the latest model, we updated the appearance, reduced stiction through the use of low friction seals, improved the bearings,  revised the guard design, modified the air sleeve body cap to a single piece forging, and altered internal features to provide an overall, more rubust design. The new FLOAT X EVOL will now perform even better.

Once again we updated and refined the performance and appearance, reduced friction and heat through the use of Genuine Kashima Coat, revised damping pistons, and performance altered internal features to provide a more robust, better performing and smoother running, highly adjustable overall package. Forget about heavy springs and running out of adjuster range--the FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 offers a huge range of adjustments allows you to set it up for anything from Race, Trail or Dunes. Tested and developed by the world?s best athletes and race teams, the FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 makes countless championships and podiums an easier goal to hit. Redefine your limits by following in its tracks.


For 2014, the championship winning 2.0 PODIUM® RC2 gets yet another level of performance and benefits added to an already winning concept, improving suspension consistency and performance through superior heat dissipation. We've also reduced friction by utilizing the Kashima coat, and improved performance by adding the all-new improved damping piston, which provides consistent and fade-free damping performance that will outlast and outrun any competition on or off the track. This will put the new PODIUM RC2’s already legendary terrain-following, race-experienced ability and performance yet another step ahead of the competition.





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Premium rear shock for sport/race ATV, newly designed, improved suspension consistency, reduced friction, rebound / Dual-Speed Compression(DSC) / spring crossover / spring preload adjustments, remote oil reservoir, Kashima coat, 6061-T6 aluminum body.



• Remote oil reservoir

• Genuine Kashima Coat

• Aerospace-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings (maximize durability)

• Custom tuned

• High-flow velocity-sensitive damping

• 2.0" Kashima coated 6061-T6 aluminum body

• 2.5” ID dual or single rate race coil spring

• 5/8” Hard-chromed shaft

• Anodized IFP (Internal Floating Piston) & bearing housing

• Bottom out control (application specific)

• Infinitely rotatable reservoir hose

• Fully rebuildable, serviceable and revalveable

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Designed to protect front of the shock body from getting chipped up by debris

Inexpensive addition to protect your expensive shocks

Chips in the shock body may damage the wiper seal

If the wiper seal becomes too damaged water and debris may come into contact with the air chamber seal and air chamber sealing surface

Includes 2 guards, 2 mounting rings, 2 screws, instructions, and 2 decals that are not installed


Care must be taken when stretching the guard over the shock

If possible un-bolt the shock and slip the guard on the end of the shock

We suggest warming the guard by running it under hot water until to the plastic is soft and flexible when installing

This will avoid stressing the plastic, which may cause it to crack later

Care must also be taken not to overtighten the clamp as this can also cause the guard to crack

Fits the following Fox shocks:



Float 2

Float 2 Evol

Float 2 Evol R

Float 3

Float 3 Evol

Float 3 Evol R

Will NOT fit Fox shocks with attached oil reservoir including the following:


Float 2 RC2 Evol

Float 2 X Evol

Float 3 X Evol

Float 3 Evol RC2

Float 3 Evol QS3-R

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