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PEP Suspension Guideline Specification 




Rider Name: ________________________________             Order Date: __________________


Phone Number: _____________________            E-Mail Address: _______________________


Address: _____________________________       City: ________________________________


State: _________________          Zip Code: __________________         Country: __________


Where/who did you hear about SF Racing from? _______________________________________________


Vehicle Type: ____________                Year Made: ________          Kick Start or Electric: _____


Manufacture: _____________               Model: ____________


Rider Ability (Pro-Pro AM-A-B-C-Vet): ____________         Rider Weight With Gear: _______

                                                                                       *your weight with gym shorts & t-shirt. NO shoes*

                                                                                       *Add 15 lbs to that weight for your weight with gear.*


Track Type: _________________________________________________________________


(Road Race, MX, TT, desert, Cross Country, Scrambles, Ice, Super Moto, Stadium, Dunes)




Track Conditions: _____________________________________________________________


(Hardpack, Mud, Grass, Sand, Loam, Asphalt)




Brand of A Arms: ______________________________




Front Rim Offset: ______________________________


(Wide Side in, Centered or Out)




Swingarm Length: _____________________________


(Stock, Plus or Minus stock in inches or millimeters)




Stock or After Market Subframe: _______________________




Frame Gusset Kit – Yes or No: _________




Bead Locks – Yes or No: _______        If Yes, How Many Aluminum or Carbon Fiber: ___________




Foot Peg Brand (With or Without Heel Guards): ___________________________




Rear Linkage Type: ___________________________


(Stock, No-Link Type, Etc.)




Shock Type Front and Rear Currently: ______________________________________________


(Stock, Modified – be specific, Aftermarket, Etc.)




Tire Size and Brand – Front: ___________________________________


Tire Size and Brand – Rear: ____________________________________




Any Skid Plates, Large Fuel Tanks or Weight Altering Components: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Shock Model Desired:


__ PB1 ZPS with Adjustable Rebound and Compression



__ PB1 ZPS Compression Only



__ Old Style ZPS Adjustable Rebound and Compression, Piggyback



__ Old Style ZPS Compression Only, Piggyback



__ Dual Rate Rear ZPS 8 Click



__Dual Rate Rear ZPS 8 Click (Anti Bottom Control for KTM model only)



__ Single Rate Rear ZPS 8 Click



__ NAR PB1



__ Limited Mass Dual Rate 8 Click Rear



__ Limited Mass 8 Click Fronts



__ Standard Race Fronts Triple Rate Large Rezzie No Compression Adjustment





















PAYPAL  _____




C.O.D. _____






(A certified cashiers check or money order made payable to Seth Fligge can be left on the door on the day of expected delivery.)

*** All credit cards are to be done through Paypal.  SF racing will send you a Paypal request and you will be required to enter your credit card information into a secured site.

We are committed to keeping your information private. Any information you provide to SF Racing for an order placed, a mailing list, or promotion will be kept strictly confidential, and will never be sold, rented or given away.


If you feel that your privacy has been violated in any way,  Contact us immediately.

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Email Completed Form to [email protected]

Email Completed Form to [email protected]